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CANDiD Décor:

We seek out opportunities, innovatively exploring every angle to design the best solution of crafting. In our premises crafting means the creation of new thing where we are making really unique household products to give you a bit luxurious and different touch. Recently we have developed resin, scrap wood, stone, jute, bamboo and clay products a lot. Our area of crafting is unlimited as our R&D team is generating new ideas regularly.

We introduce you a petite example how to make fascinating home decorations using simple wood elements, stone, sand, wooden bark or waste wood. This innovative households are unique as well as user friendly to make your leaving area a bit luxurious and natural. Use up spare wood or wooden bark scraps to create stylish home decor. You can transform your home into very modern with our innovations where we are ensuring one idea for one time only.

CANDiD Crafts: